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Barry Nash

Head Coach

Barry has been coaching television news and sports talent since 1982. He is widely regarded as one of the industry's leading experts on news and sportscast performance.

Barry has worked in most of the country’s major television markets and in many of the smaller ones. He has coached network and local anchors in Canada, Germany, New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain, and currently serves as a principal talent coach for ESPN, CNN and the NBC owned-and operated television stations. Every day, tens of millions of people around the world hear the news from anchors or reporters who have been coached by Nash.

In addition to his work in television, Barry helps attorneys and business professionals prepare and rehearse for high-stakes presentations in the boardroom and the courtroom.

As a researcher, Barry leads focus groups designed specifically to get viewer feedback on performance and performance-related issues. He also collaborates regularly with renowned jury consultant, Dr. Jaine Fraser, of the Trial Psychology Institute, to help attorneys research and prepare arguments for trial.

Barry has undergraduate and graduate degrees in theater performance. He continues to act as a member of the professional acting ensemble at Dallas' Kitchen Dog Theater. His work in the title role of the feature film, Bob Birdnow's Remarkable Tale of Human Survival and the Transcendence of Self, has recently been honored and featured at film festivals across the country and is available for viewing through Fandor.


We are a team of coaches who specialize in the training and development of television news, weather and sports talent.

In all cases, our goal is to provide the resources talent need to achieve "Breakthrough Performance" -- delivery that engages the minds and hearts of viewers, demands their attention, and inspires their loyalty.

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