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Online Performance Coaching for Television News, Weather and Sports Talent

At Barry Nash & Company, we’ve been coaching television news, weather and sports talent in person for decades. When the pandemic challenged us to move sessions online, we went to work designing virtual coaching that would be every bit as effective as our traditional sessions.

Mission accomplished, and then some...

“Barry gives me things I can understand, do, and put to work immediately.”
John Doe

Get the Coaching You Need.
Whenever You Need It.

We can do almost everything online as well as we do it in person. And we can do it faster, without the time and expense that go into planning a visit. Since one of our fundamental coaching commitments is making recommendations you can put to work immediately, it means we can now help you make meaningful change happen faster than ever.

Choose a coach, click a button, and send us a note or schedule a conversation about your goals. We’ll take care of everything else – scheduling with your talent, making and recording recommendations in TV HeadCoach®️, and reporting back and following up with you. We make the process easy for everyone involved, so that everyone involved can work on the things that really matter.

Just try us.

How We Can Help

Whatever your challenge, with over 100 years of coaching news talent between us, chances are we have the experience and the coach to deal with it. Our team includes coaches with decades of experience in television newsrooms, coaching everyone from beginners to some of the most storied anchors in the history of the industry. When you need focused attention in areas like visual image or voice and speech, we have some of the industry’s top specialists in those things, too. All available to you and your team online.

You can book an hour of coaching. Or a day. You can book talent and performance coaching for yourself, a single member of your team or the entire team.

Researching On-Air/OTT Delivery

On-Air and OTT Talent Coaching

Visual Image Coaching

Voice & Speech Coaching

What we do is complex, research-driven and guided by decades of experience coaching talent at every level.

Scheduling us to do it online for you is easy.

Click any of our Schedule Session buttons on this page. Or, if you have a particular coach in mind, navigate to their page to schedule a consultation there. Answer a few simple questions about your goals for our work and how you’d like us to connect with you, and you’re done.

Everything else is on us. Once we’re clear on how we can be most helpful to you, we’ll reach out to your talent about scheduling coaching at a time that’s good for them.

Once we’ve met, we’ll record our recommendations in TV HeadCoach®️, our app for managing talent coaching. It’s the only system in the world designed specifically for coaching TV news and sports talent, and it supports long-term growth by automating the tasks we know are key – getting goals and priorities in written form, regularly reminding talent of goals and priorities, and making it easy for them to get regular followup from coaches and managers.

Finally, we’ll follow up with you personally, to report on our time with your team and trade ideas with you about the best next steps.

How Online Talent Coaching Works

“His new talent evaluation tech looks incredibly interesting. [The assistant news director and anchor] was so impressed he was even ready to pay out of his own pocket to get a study on himself. That speaks volumes.”
- A News Director
John Doe

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