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Working Stick Mic Magic. How & Why it Matters.


Work just as expressively with the stick mic as you do without it.

Why? Science teaches that movement and gesture are key to recalling information and using language creatively.


And because people equate expressiveness with openness, expressive people are not only liked more than less expressive people, they’re trusted more.


It’s one reason you’re seeing fewer and fewer stick mics in the field – even in battle zones like Ukraine.


So, while the stick mic may sometimes be technologically indispensable, it’s critical to use it comfortably and in a way that never inhibits your best instincts as a communicator.

Take a look at how experienced pros Marc Santia (NBC New York) and John Paul (WPVI, Philadelphia) use the stick mic in the quick video clip:

Notice specifically how they:

  • make strong, expansive gestures.
  • transfer the mic comfortably from one hand to the other.
  • break eye contact as they address the camera and reference the things around them.
  • find ways to keep their feet and bodies moving.

In less experienced hands, use of a stick mic stiffens and inhibits communication. These pros are undeterred and undiminished by it.


The research suggests that’s good for their reporting, their newscasts, and for the mission of responsible journalism, in general.

If your newscasts would benefit from talent who consistently perform like the professionals featured here, I’d love to connect.


Whether you’re interested in coaching, talent research or software to power and support your own coaching, we’d be proud to be a resource for you.

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