Our clients know how to play because we know how to practice.

Sure, we think it’s important to get your story right. But the real game-changing work is getting yourself right.

That’s where we come in.

Getting your story right is only the beginning.

Right Story

Until you’re clear about what you want and need to say, you can’t begin to know how to say it. To get delivery right, you have to start with getting the story right.

Right Look

Research has shown that others begin making decisions about you within milliseconds of seeing you. When the stakes are high, that first impression needs to be a good one.

Right Voice

Your voice has never been more important, because research has shown that others often listen to you as much or more than they actually watch you.

Right Movement

Whether you’re seen or not, how you move and gesture profoundly impacts almost everything else about your delivery. Few things are as important as knowing how and when to move.

Right Mind

Knowing how to think — about yourself, your audience and your story — is as critical as any other aspect of your performance. If you can’t get your mind right, you won’t get the story right.

Right Heart

Storytelling is as much an emotional commitment as it is a mental one. After all, if the message is not enough to inspire feeling in you, why should it inspire anything in your audience?

We'll team up for you.

Because sometimes you need more than one coach. Or a coach who specializes in the way you look or the way you use your voice. Or someone with a unique editorial expertise.

When you need targeted support, we have the experience and expertise to provide it.

Visual Image: How You Look

Getting this right requires a complex understanding of body type and the way your hair, eye and skin color work together. Whether your challenge is hair, makeup, or wardrobe (or all of it!), our Visual Image specialist, Barrett Nash, can ensure you will look your best in a way that is unique to you and never cookie-cutter.

Vocal Image: How You Sound

Few things can turn viewers on or off of your message as quickly and persistently as the qualities of your voice and speech. Our vocal image specialist, Jenni Steck, is renowned for her ability to coach both sound and articulation issues — including helping bilingual talent work effectively in English.

News, Weather, Sports and More

Performance is a team sport. Nothing you do on-air happens in a vacuum or without the support of others. If your challenge requires specialized editorial or production expertise, there is someone on our team who can dive as deeply with your staff as you need to go to get the performance you want. Whatever game your team is playing, we can play with them.

We're coaching all over the place.

We'll come to you.

You can come to us.

We can meet online.

In Spanish, too.

Spanish-language journalists are doing some of the industry’s most important and most-watched work. If you’re producing and delivering news in Spanish, we’d be excited to support you.

We support it all with the world’s only app and website designed specifically for coaching television news, weather and sports talent.

TV HeadCoach: Coaching Software for News Managers

TV HeadCoach is software designed to help newsroom leaders coach in a way that builds winners and winning teams. I originally built the portal and app to support my own work, and it’s had a huge impact on my ability to inspire real, long-term improvement in the people I serve. If coaching is in your job description, I’d love to show you how it’s helping me and my clients do a better job every day — and could do the same for you!

Barry Nash