TV HeadCoach: Coaching Software for TV News and Sports Managers

Winning every now and then may be an accident of luck and circumstance, but winning consistently is never an accident. It is a function of coaching, and great coaching is a function of process and discipline. Designed by Barry Nash to organize his own coaching, TV HeadCoach will help you coach in a way that inspires winning performance and builds winning teams.

We make coaching as simple as 1-2-3...

1: Schedule it.

Use the built-in coaching calendar to ensure that coaching sessions are routinely scheduled with every team member critical to your success. TV HeadCoach will automatically inform talent and coach of upcoming sessions and let talent know what preparation is expected.

2: Put priority goals in writing.

Research has shown that you are more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down — and even more likely to do so when you envision them vividly. TV HeadCoach requires this and takes it a step further — automatically sending reminders on whatever schedule you think best. There’s no excuse for not knowing what to do and remembering to do it.

3: Follow up and feed back.

Great coaches never stop giving feedback — letting team members know how they’re doing. TV HeadCoach includes multiple ways for you to provide feedback and for your talent to request it — both generally and with regards to specific goals and objectives. And it keeps a history of past feedback at your fingertips.

...and then even easier with tools like these.

Coaching History

TV HeadCoach keeps track of what recommendations were made, when they were made and who did the coaching. If there is ever any question about whether team members got the support they needed, you have a record to prove it.

Team Feedback

TV HeadCoach does more than help you manage your own coaching. It helps you build a culture of coaching. Your management team and other key voices can access the system and add their own feedback. You designate the managers you’d like involved and the level of access you’d like them to have.

Best Practices Library

TV HeadCoach comes with access to our library of Best Practice performance recommendations, so from the get-go you have a wealth of performance recommendations at your fingertips. You can add your own Best Practices to what we have already created and archived, or we can set you up to build your own library from scratch.

And there's an app!

TV HeadCoach is fully functional on your phone or tablet, so you and your team have access wherever and whenever you need it.

TV HeadCoach: Coaching Software for News Managers

TV HeadCoach is software designed to help newsroom leaders coach in a way that builds winners and winning teams. I originally built the portal and app to support my own work, and it’s had a huge impact on my ability to inspire real, long-term improvement in the people I serve. If coaching is in your job description, I’d love to show you how it’s helping me and my clients do a better job every day — and could do the same for you!

Barry Nash