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Winning Looks

Whether you’re on the desk or in the field, the key to dressing for a newscast is knowing how to put things together so that the viewer is drawn to the eyes and face first and our fabulous outfit second. Sometimes the hottest trends make that especially difficult —  ad this looks to be one of those years.

So, just in case you’re in the mood to shop or feel the need to revamp your wardrobe, over the next few weeks we’ll look at 5 of the “must-have” trends this fall and winter…and share some tips on how to make them work for you on the air.


Leather is everywhere this year, and that’s good for almost everyone. The variety of colors and styles available mean it can work for most body shapes and skin tones. It’s also easy to find good quality faux items that won’t break the bank.

On top: Think trim and accessories. On air, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing,  and that’s certainly true where leather is concerned. Wear a dress with leather trim but not a leather dress. Add a wide belt to an outfit or wear it with tall boots, but not both at the same time. It should be a highlight or accent, but never the whole show. And any piece that brings the focus up to the face is an added bonus!

On bottom: If the skirts fits, buy it. A leather skirt can be an unexpected way to add power to your look. Go only for classic shapes – the pencil or a-line skirt are great choices – and soft finishes. Make sure the length is at least to the top of the knee and it fits around the bum properly. Any fitted skirt should like across the rear without pulling or stretching and be easy to sit and stand in.


Choose your finishes carefully. Avoid shiny finishes – patent leather, in particular. Look for pieces that are suitable or have a more weathered, softer finish to them. If there is something you love but worry it’s too shiny, you can dull the leather. Just be sure to research how to use this technique  before you give it a try. 

Take proper care. Leather items can need regular polishing or to be treated for water resistance. Dresses, pants, and jackets are often dry clean or hand wash only. Be sure to check the care tags before you purchase something, just so you what you are committing to.

The fit is the thing. This is especially important on television, because we know from research that you have to be able to move comfortably and expressively to be perceived as a leader or expert.

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