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Team Chemistry: The Art of Getting Along

Great anchor teams understand that newscast success can depend as much on team chemistry – the way they work together – as it does on anything they do individually. Viewers actually use the word “chemistry” more than any other when they describe their ideal team in our verbAItim™ talent research. And they define chemistry as a team that genuinely likes and cares for each other — a team that “gets along.”

Terms viewers use most to describe a news team they would love and want to watch.

Can chemistry be coached?


When we coach team chemistry, we ask anchor teams to imagine they and the viewer are friends sitting around a table together – friends who really enjoy each other’s company and love being in conversation together. 

It’s an experience we all know – and instantly recognize. When one person tells a story, you actively listen — making eye contact, nodding when you understand, maybe making a gesture or facial expression to show care, or comfort, or enjoyment — a smile, a grimace, a warm look. You occasionally look over to your other friend at the table to acknowledge (and not ignore) them, to see that they are also listening, and engage them in the same way.


Chemistry on set is exactly the same. There are three of you. You can’t see the viewer, but they’re there, watching and listening with you. When one of you speaks, the other listens attentively and wholeheartedly – and occasionally checks in with the viewer (camera) to be sure they are listening, too.


Developing great chemistry


It’s actually pretty easy to develop great chemistry when you think of it as showing simple and heartfelt “courtesy” to one another. Viewers tell us it looks and sounds like this;

Take a look at the video below (which is purposefully silent). Even without sound you can see the anchors actively engaging with one another, listening, and filling the space between them with authentic interest and care. You don’t have to know what they’re saying to know that they really “get along.”

Chemistry, in other words, is proving to viewers that you like and respect each other – and love being a part of the conversation. Show them that, and viewers will love being a part of the conversation with you.

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