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Webinar Coaching for Bilingual Journalists

Part One

Mastering the Sound and Rhythm of American English

Instructor: Jenni Steck

Length: 2 Hour

Who It's For: Bilingual news talent who want to articulate more clearly in English

Jenni Steck, clinician and professional voice coach, walks participants through the sound and speech patterns most critical to communicating clearly in English – and shows them how to work at perfecting them on their own. 

Very often, bilingual speakers are challenged not just by getting pronunciations right, but by understanding how the rhythm of American English differs from their native tongue. This webinar provides 1) a comprehensive explanation of both challenges and 2) practical tools that participants can use to make quick progress improving their delivery.

The live session will include time for Q&A.

Participants will learn:

Part two

Putting English to Work on the Professional Newscast

Instructor: Tony Martinez

Length: 2 Hour

Who It's For: Bilingual talent who speak English clearly and are ready to apply that skill in a professional news environment.

In our own work coaching bilingual news talent, we know that speaking English confidently and powerfully on-air requires much more than a mastery of the sounds and rhythms of the language itself.

In this webinar, Barry Nash & Company’s bilingual coach, Tony Martinez, shows talent how to apply their skills specifically to the demands of working in newscasts — reading prompter, tracking, and delivering creative and powerful standups and live shots. The session features practical examples of effective delivery, and participants receive materials that we’ve designed specifically to help them plan for effective on-camera delivery. Much of what’s taught will be powerfully applicable to work in any language, in addition to its application to work in American English.

Participants will learn:

Part One

May 15th at 1pm EST

Part Two

June 5th at 1pm EST

Participants in either webinar will automatically receive a 10% discount on any one-on-one followup coaching. If you cannot attend live you will have access to recordings of the sessions.

$600 Per Session or Both for $960

About Your Coaches

About Jenni Steck

Jenni is a licensed speech pathologist the principal voice and speech coach for Barry Nash & Company. Clients include networks like CNN, CBS, ESPN and local news organizations owned by NBC. Working with non-native English speakers is one of her specialities. 

She is certified and teaches using the Rupp Method, an intense and systematic approach to teaching proper American English pronunciation.

In addition to her work in television, Jenni coaches and helps other professionals prepare for high stakes presentations. Notable engagements include helping NFL Hall-of-Famer, Ray Lewis, prepare and rehearse to deliver his HOF acceptance speech.​

About Tony Martinez

Tony Martinez is a performance & content coach inspiring speakers and content developers in broadcast, corporate communications and digital video.

A specialist in performance and producer training, he helps executives, performers and producers master storytelling by focusing on the messenger & the message.

A Peabody and 3-time national Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker, and a former major market on-air anchor and reporter, Tony is a master coach, crossing imaginary boundaries to coach talent, producers and executives to perform at their best in high pressure situations.

Tony is bilingual, working in both English and Spanish at ESPN and NBC Telemundo affiliate TV stations. His clients include virtually every major American broadcast network, Fortune 500 corporations and award winning broadcasters like CBS Sports lead NFL analyst, Tony Romo.