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Hello, I'm Oscar Welch

News Marketing and Promotion Coach

I honestly can’t remember a time when I wasn’t fascinated by television news and newscasters, so I guess it makes sense that my passion in life became marketing them. I just wanted the rest of the world to love it all as much as I do.

I also love winning, which means I’ve also always loved figuring out how to win. As a creative services director in my own right, my obsession was defining the process that would relentlessly put points on the board – and then inspiring my team to make it happen.

Now I love teaching others to win as much as I loved winning myself. Whether you have a seasoned team or your promotion is in the hands of relative newbies, if you have the feeling that marketing could do more to put points on the board for your newscasts, I’d love to compare notes and talk about how I can help.

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(Chief Eyeball Officer)

Oscar’s track record as a news marketing and promotion strategist is the stuff of record. Now he helps promotion managers in markets of all sizes make their own history.

When it comes to promotion, time is money and time makes money. I'm all about spending more time doing things that win eyeballs and less time doing things that get you nowhere.
John Doe

Oscar’s story is the story of a lot of television lifers. He just wanted a job in TV, and he did just about anything and everything until he found the job that made the most of his passion and his gifts. After a stint as a fill-in stagehand for a TV station in the Midwest, Oscar became lead stage manager for Ruth Lyons – the queen of Midwest TV and arguably the woman who invented talk TV. He subsequently held positions in virtually every aspect of the station and news operation – including lighting, engineering, audio, sales, and advertising. He learned how a station works, how its various parts fit together, and how each could be stronger and better.

It all ultimately led to a job as Director of Broadcast Operations at WPLG TV, the ABC affiliate in Miami. There, in one of the most competitive news environments in the country, Oscar masterminded a marketing and promotion process that moved the station to number one and helped keep it there in all locally-programmed areas for 52 consecutive sweeps.
Professionally, Oscar now devotes himself to helping news organizations design and execute their own winning strategies. He’s a powerful and effective teacher and mentor – as effective with beginning marketers as he is with pros who have multiple Addy’s on the shelf.

When he’s not indulging his passion for television and TV news marketing, Oscar collects and fixes old tools. He has a garage full of lumber that he says he’ll get to when he retires.

We’re thinking he’s never going to get to that pile of lumber.

What Do You Want to Do Today?

Oscar can help your team:

Increase viewership

Increase revenue

Create a collaborative culture

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Why Work With Oscar?

Oscar helps news organizations build audiences that put money in the bank. He’s an especially devoted and effective mentor to developing newscast marketers, challenging them to approach news promotion with the same discipline and commitment to process that distinguishes the best news organizations. Creativity is an important piece of the puzzle, but it’s the things a team does day in and day out that really puts points on the board. Oscar helps marketing teams understand what works and, more importantly, how it can work with the time and resources and people they already have in house.

Oscar is a cheerleader, and having him as a resource can be as good for the morale of the culture as it is for the ratings. As a student of winning, he’s a true believer in teamwork. He nurtures environments that are creatively collaborative, where individuals and teams can thrive.

Oscar describes himself as an “idea vending machine” and a “change management expert.” We couldn’t say it better ourselves.

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Honors & Awards

Emmy Award for “20 Years of the Miami Dolphins: Looking Back” - Executive Producer

Emmy Award “Higher Ground” Image – WPLG-TV – Producer

NATAS Silver Circle Award Winner and Honoree

Emmy Award for “Pig Bowl IV” (Cops playing football) – Executive Producer

PROMAX Gold Medallion “Anti-Switch” Promotional campaign – WPLG-TV producer.

PROMAX Gold Medallion “Higher Ground” Image - WPLG-TV – Concept / Producer

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