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Hello, I'm Barrett Nash

Visual Image & Performance Coach

I’m a performance coach and the principal visual image coach at Barry Nash and Company.

I work with talent in television news and sports from a face-forward perspective, because it’s our faces that people notice first and often it’s how we are initially judged.

Nothing about what I do is like a cookie-cutter, because each of us is wonderfully unique. Together, we’ll identify , hairstyles, and wardrobe choices that brings your face forward – and keeps your message front and center.

If there’s a way that visual image coaching could help you better connect with your audience, I’d love to talk with you about how we can help.

Performance & Principal Visual Coach

Barrett trained at the esteemed Stoltz Image Institute after earning a degree in theater performance. In addition to her work with local and network news talent, she routinely helps professionals prepare for high-stake presentations, including appeals, court arguments, and large corporate gatherings.

“Barrett has the best eye for color that I have ever seen.”
John Doe
– Elaine Stoltz | Founder Stoltz Image Institute

Barrett knows there isn’t a formula or one-size-fits-all approach to figuring out how a TV talent’s looks will best appeal to an audience. Coming up with the right look is a science – requiring an in-depth understanding of the ways that hair, skin and eye color interact with each other.

Her approach to appearance is customized, straightforward, and grounded in the belief that visual distractions should be minimized so that viewers focus on the face – and the message. 

When working with clients, Barrett begins by evaluating skin tone, eye color, and hair color – because the ideal color palette will be based on the way those variables interact. She’ll assess body type and evaluate how the client moves. And she’ll do a complete inventory of the client’s existing wardrobe, so that Barrett can help them make the most of the things that are already in their closet.

In the end, clients typically say they look and feel amazing, with a look that is an authentic expression of their true selves and not an attempt to force them into a predetermined generic stereotype. They feel put together in all the right ways.

Of course, looks aren’t everything. Hence she’s not helping us change ourselves. Barrett’s work captures unique individual qualities. When Barrett isn’t helping talents with visual images and/or performance coaching, she is a wife and mom who loves to cook. She adores her family and her collection of high-end kitchen tools.

“What Do You Want to Do Today?”

Barrett can help you with:

Visual Image Coaching

Performance Coaching

Why Work With Barrett?

Barrett knows that getting your look right is much more than knowing the best colors and finding the right hairstyle. It’s more than understanding your body type and how to buy clothes that will suit it best. Your look is also an expression of your personality, vision, and ambition for yourself. Barrett will spend as much time getting to know you as she’ll spend getting to know what’s in your closet because she believes so passionately that she can’t help you get your look right until she gets you right. That’s the kind of commitment and detail that is the hallmark of her work.

As a coach – and especially one dealing with something as personal as appearance – Barrett understands that knowing how to say things can be as important as knowing what to say. Talent praises her for her no-nonsense truth telling, noting that she delivers recommendations and suggestions lovingly and compassionately.

Barrett is as much a performance coach as she is a visual image specialist, helping talent and business people prepare for high-stake presentations for almost 15 years. An actress by training, she is personally familiar with the challenges of doing a job that is always being publicly and subjectively judged. She speaks “talent” as well as anyone.

Oh, and did we mention she’s in the demo? And a working mom? She knows what it takes to reach your audience because she is your audience. That may be her most important qualification of all!

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