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No matter the business or sport, behind every extraordinary performer is an extraordinary coach. Talent we have coached are on the anchor desk and in the field in the largest local markets and for every major broadcast and cable network in the United States. If your commitment to reaching your potential is uncompromising, our team of uncompromising coaches and specialists will know what you need to do and how to support you in doing it.

If you believe you’re ready to do the work it will take to make your work stand out from the crowdwe’re ready with the coach that can get you there.

For On-Air Journalists: Coach Yourself

If you’re motivated to get the very best out of yourself, an individual subscription to TV HeadCoach gives you affordable access to everyone and everything you’ll need to succeed. Identify performance goals and priorities, access the same Best Practices Library that our coaches use in their own practices, access masterclass coaching sessions featuring Barry Nash, participate in group critique sessions led by Barry and other Barry Nash & Company coaches – and much more.

For Newsroom Managers: Coaching Tools for Leaders Who Coach

TV HeadCoach is the only app in the world designed to help you bring out the best in your on-air team. Designed by Barry Nash to support his own coaching, the software will help you plan and organize in-house coaching that inspires winning performance and builds a winning team.

Create a coaching schedule, make your own recommendations or choose from our library of Best Practice recommendations, automatically remind talent of goals and priorities, make it easy for other managers to weigh in and for talent to request feedback – and much more.