FREE CHECKLIST: Tips to Inspire Viewer Trust and Loyalty

If getting your delivery right is as critical to you as getting your stories right, BNTV Masterclass may be for you.

There is a lot more to earning viewer trust and loyalty than getting the words right.

We know from research that you can rarely separate the message from the messenger — and newscast delivery is no exception to that. Earning trust is as much about who you are — how you look, how you sound, what you feel and how you think your message — as it is about what you have to say.

In BNTV Masterclass, we study and discuss all of these things in depth and detail. Our goal is unapologetically ambitious — to help television news professionals concerned with truth-telling be powerful and irresistibly compelling truth-tellers. 

If that’s a conversation that interests you, we hope you’ll join us.

Barry Nash

Our Curriculum Includes

Each month, we meet to explore an area critical to being a powerful and effective communicator. We summarize relevant research, outline best practices, and discuss implementing them in real-world, pragmatic ways.

Then we convene again to look together and critique examples submitted by members of the group — to help each other perform effectively and powerfully in the communities we serve.

Our focused conversations include:

Until you’re clear about what you want and need to say, you can’t begin to know how to say it. To get delivery right, you have to start with getting the story right.

Research has shown that others begin making decisions about you within milliseconds of seeing you. When the stakes are high, that first impression needs to be a good one.

Your voice has never been more important, because research has shown that others often listen to you as much or more than they actually watch you.

Whether you’re seen or not, how you move and gesture profoundly impacts almost everything else about your delivery. Few things are as important as knowing how and when to move.

Knowing how to think — about yourself, your audience and your story — is as critical as any other aspect of your performance. If you can’t get your mind right, you won’t get the story right.

Storytelling is as much an emotional commitment as it is a mental one. After all, if the message is not enough to inspire feeling in you, why should it inspire anything in your audience?

Viewers value teams that clearly respect and appreciate each other. Knowing how to work together is as important and vital as knowing how to work on your own.

These are pervasive and can contribute as powerfully and memorably to the newscast as anything you do at the desk or in studio. 

Accordion Content

Few things can set you apart as effectively as the ways that you understand and handle breaking news. It’s where understanding of the community and newscast leadership are most critically proven — or not.

On any newscast, the conversations that matter most are the ones you have with the people you cover. 

Delivery as Conversation instead of Performance

Growing up with Facetime has changed the way viewers want on-camera delivery to look and feel. More than ever, they describe effective news talent as professionals who talk to them and not at them.

How It Works

Our Mission + Additional Benefits

We want to help you perform effectively and powerfully in the communities you serve. While we’ve spent over 30 years coaching experienced & respected news talent at major networks across the world, we want to give every news reporter the opportunity to improve their craft. That’s why, when you join BNTV Masterclass, you get more than just the live monthly classes.

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