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Hello, I’m Jenni Steck

Voice and Speech Coach

We each have a voice that others recognize as authentic and accessible – a projection of our best selves. I teach people how to find and use that voice.

More than ever before, TV news viewers are telling us they value authenticity. They want to know you’re a real person with real feelings and that you really care about what’s happening in their world. They want to know you can be trusted. They’re not just looking for these things, they’re listening for them. Research is teaching us they can hear and recognize them with astonishing accuracy. Until you’re bringing your best voice to the work, you’re not really bringing your best self to the work.

If there’s a way that vocal coaching could help you better connect to and establish a relationship with your viewers, I’d love to talk with you. If you think there is any way that talent coaching might help you keep and grow your news audience – on-air and OTT – I’d love to visit with you about how we can help.

Performance & Vocal Coach

Current vocal coach for CNN, CBS, ESPN, and NBC- and Telemundo- owned and operated stations around the country. Certified speech clinician
Voice is tied up in identity. Some people think a vocal coach who works with their voice will fundamentally change who they are. That’s never my intention. My goal is to just maximize what’s there. To make that person’s voice the best it can be. It’s like taking care of a precious instrument.
John Doe

When it comes to coaching television news talent, Jenni’s background is a near-perfect blend of science and art.

Jenni trained as an actress. She began voice coaching as a side hustle in Los Angeles, working with actors and others while she was completing an advanced degree in theater and mastering the art of using the voice as a performance tool. She discovered she had a passion and a gift for the work and so returned to graduate school to earn a degree in speech pathology and study the science of using the voice.

Her performing arts background combined with her clinical and scientific work made her uniquely qualified to help on-air journalists, who appreciate both her grasp of the art of speaking and the intellectual rigor she brings to coaching it. She serves now as a principal voice and speech coach for networks like CBS, ESPN and NBCUniversal Local. A popular presenter in her own right, she’s earned high marks for classes she has led on behalf of CNN’s Diversity Program. 

Jenni’s work with professional athletes has also been lauded and includes helping NFL and MLB veterans create and rehearse Hall of Fame acceptance speeches. And businesses with large call centers are using her to help ensure that their employees sound as authentic and accessible to customers on the phone.

Clearly, it’s not hyperbolic to say Jenni can get results with anyone willing to do the work. She is the definition of a renaissance coach.


Bachelor of Arts in Performance

Master of Arts in Performance

Master of Science in Speech and Language Pathology

Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology

Why Work With Jenni?

Jenni says it best:

“I really individualize my coaching based on the person in front of me – on understanding their goals and how we can find their way of speaking and achieving them authentically.

I don’t tear someone down and then build them up; that’s not helpful. Instead, I build relationships and trust, we work in a way that shows opportunities for improvement. My goal is to create a non-judgmental, safe, and trusting relationship where you’ll feel comfortable trying something new, something that will let your real voice (rather than the one you think you should have) come out.”

Think of yourself as a vocal athlete. Physical athletes have clinicians to help them get into shape and care for their bodies and coaches to help make the most of that training on the field. Jenni has the clinical background to help you understand and care for your voice and the creative background to help you make the most of it when it really counts.

What Do You Want to Do Today?

Jenni can help you:

Accent Reduction

Vocal Delivery

Healthy Vocal Techniques

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