Tony Martinez

Tony Martinez is a performance & content coach inspiring speakers and content developers in broadcast, corporate communications and digital video.

A specialist in performance and producer training, he helps executives, performers and producers master storytelling by focusing on the messenger & the message.

A Peabody and 3-time national Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker, and a former major market on-air anchor and reporter, Mr. Martinez is a master coach, crossing imaginary boundaries to coach talent, producers and executives to perform at their best in high pressure situations. Developing stronger performers and improving content, requires a unique relationship built on trust, teamwork and validated by accelerated improvement.

His coaching resume includes mentoring talent in a variety of media platforms including traditional network television, program consultation and corporate media training.

Mr. Martinez is bilingual, working in both English and Spanish at ESPN and NBC Telemundo affiliate TV stations. His clients include virtually every major American broadcast network, fortune 500 corporations and award winning broadcasters like CBS Sports lead NFL analyst, Tony Romo.

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