Meet Your Superpower

If a coaching client were to tell me that they only had time for one recommendation from me, I’d say, “No problem. Learn how to breathe.”

If you are any kind of performance professional — and doing the news on television is a performance profession — breathing is the foundation for everything else you need to do well.

You look better, because to breathe properly your body has to be properly aligned.

You sound better, because when you’re relaxed enough to breathe properly the air moves more easily and naturally over your vocal chords.

You think better and more clearly, because proper breathing helps your brain relax and focus, especially when the stakes are high and lots is on the line.

When soldiers are being trained to manage themselves and their emotions in combat, they learn how to breathe. When elite athletes are training to focus and perform in high-stakes competition, they learn how to breathe. If you’re going to communicate effectively with us about the events that most impact our lives and our communities, you’ll look and sound and think better doing it if you know how to breathe.

This week, CNN Health posted the first part of a four-part series on breathing featuring Dana Santas, a performance coach who works with some of the world’s most prominent athletes. She trains them to use breathing to move better, to think better and to manage stress.

Sounds a lot like delivering the news to me.

Watch it here…and breathe.

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