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By Barrett Nash on April 18, 2016

It’s still not unusual for clients to ask us, “Shouldn’t viewers be more focused on what I have to say than how I look? If my content is significant, why does my appearance matter?”

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We understand the frustration. Most of the anchors and reporters we work with did not pursue a career in journalism to spend lots time and energy focused on personal style and color choices. But, those choices have a significant impact on the viewers’ ability to focus and concentrate on you, as well as what they think about you as a person and how well you do your job. (more…)


By Barry Nash on March 19, 2016

Research has shown — unequivocally — that people form strong and potentially lasting impressions within milliseconds of seeing you. This means, essentially, that the wrong visual impression can turn viewers away literally before they are conscious of any reaction to you. And the right visual impression can win them before you’ve made a sound.

Viewers may decide before they know they've decided.
Viewers may decide before they know they’ve decided.

In other words, the choices you make about how to do your hair and what to wear on-the-air are anything but trivial. Your success may not ultimately depend on it, but it certainly begins with it. They are also choices that should not be made casually and whimsically. Really knowing how to look your best requires in-depth understanding of your body type and of the relationship between the color of your eyes, skin and hair.

Our work with the visual images of our clients is as disciplined and serious as anything that we consult. We believe that winning begins with the attitude that looking anything less than your best is unacceptable, and we educate clients to be uncompromising in their understanding and their pursuit of that.

We’re always happy to take a look and to visit about the ways that managing your look can increase the chance that viewers will hang around to appreciate what matters most — your journalism. Just use the form below to send us a note and we’ll get back to you quickly.

We Have A Big Fan For You

By Barry Nash on March 1, 2016

There’s much more to this fan than meets the eye.Color fan

Your talent are going to look much better in certain colors than they do in others. And there are always going to be colors they shouldn’t be wearing at all. Given what we know about the power of visual impressions, it’s a matter that should be taken as seriously — and managed as deliberately — as you do the color or your set and graphics.

We support the process by doing in-depth color analysis that 1) is based on the complex relationship between each person’s hair, eye and skin color and 2) takes into account the environment (set and graphics) you have designed around them.

We then create a fully-customized fan for each person like the one above, cataloguing the unique range of color that will serve them best in your program environment. It’s much more than a collection of color swatches. It’s a guide — designed specifically and uniquely for each of them — that you and they can trust to ensure their color choices are as deliberately effective as everything else you choose to make a great newscast.






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All of our services are also available of Spanish-language news and sports talent and for the news and sportscasts that they serve. Contact Barry Nash or our Spanish- language coach, Tony Martinez, for more information.
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February 3, 2016

The New Yorker Magazine sits in on one of Barry Nash's sessions with NFL Hall-of-Famer, Jerome Bettis.

By Barry Nash


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