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Barrett Nash

Visual Image Specialist

Barrett is a performance coach and the principal Visual Image Coach for Barry Nash & Company. In addition to her work with the firm's news clients, Barrett has served as image consultant to both male and female talent at ESPN. Her approach to appearance is customized and straightforward, grounded in the belief that visual distractions should be minimized so that viewers are focused on the face and on the message. Barrett holds a BFA in Theater Design and Performance from the University of Texas at Austin and has completed training at the Stoltz Image Institute. Institute founder Elaine Stoltz (one of only ten certified master image consultants in the world) says that Barrett has "the best eye for color that I have ever seen."


We are a team of coaches who specialize in the training and development of television news, weather and sports talent.

In all cases, our goal is to provide the resources talent need to achieve "Breakthrough Performance" -- delivery that engages the minds and hearts of viewers, demands their attention, and inspires their loyalty.

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